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2012 in Review!

Ruckus turned sixteen this year!  Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters, we were able to do a ton of in-depth work in 2012.

And here at Ruckus, we really know how to stretch every dollar.  Here's a taste of some of the things we pulled off this year on less than $200,000!

  • Ruckus Action Camp for Migrant Rights - June 8-12, Highlander Center, Tennesee: 5 day hands-on action skills training camp with 120 activists from over 50 communities

  • Direct Action Training for Trainers for People of Color - April 20-23, San Francisco: to develop 25 new action trainers of color

  • On-the-ground training, actions, and skill-building for Alabama communities fighting the latest and harshest anti-immigration laws

  • Undocu-Bus "No Papers, No Fear Ride for Justice" - strategy, prep and direct action support for undocumented action bus tour across the south, ending at the DNC in Charlotte, NC

  • Ongoing strategy, direct action support, training and leadership development in indigenous communities fighting the Tar Sands, and other dirty energy struggles across North America

  • Ruckus Trainers & Actionista Network Development Summit

  • Release of New Resources: Ruckus Scouting Manual, Action Strategy Guide, and contributions to the new Beautiful Trouble book

  • Direct Action Skills for Occupy & Beyond: nonviolent direct action trainings and action support for the 99% for Occupy, Occupy Homes, and Occupy the Hood groups across the country

  • Continued work in the national Climate Justice Alignment collaborative

  • "Turning the Talk," - a 3-day narrative and action strategy training for 30 migrant rights leaders, co-hosted with our partners smartMeme and NDLON

  • Strategy, training and direct action support for communities doing foreclosed home defense, land takeovers, and fighting the big banks

  • Ruckus Climb Trainers Advanced Climb Training and Development Gathering

  • Ruckus Creative Resistance Trainers Development Summit

  • "Direct Action: The Art of Fueling Popular Movements and Creating Change," a panel discussion, New York

  • 99% Spring - curriculum development, training for trainers, and field trainings for the project to introduce 100,000 Americans to nonviolent direct action this Spring across the U.S.

  • Other training and action support in the field including:
    • California Faculty Association Strike support
    • American Association of University Professors Summer Institute
    • National Student Power Convergence in Ohio
    • New York Fracking resistance
    • Tripod action in front of US Capitol for International AIDS Conference
    • Wells Fargo Headquarters Shutdown actions (3!)
    • Training and action campaign planning for Take Back the Land-Madison
    • Action support for Black Friday actions in support of striking Walmart workers

As you can see, your gifts go a long way at The Ruckus Society!  It is individuals like you that make our work possible.

Donate today to help us do even more in 2013!