The Ruckus Action Framework
Direct action has been central to every social change in history, and is critical now for creating a just future for people and the planet. But not all actions are created equal. Check out the Ruckus Action Framework for our Theory of Change and guidelines to creating Transformative Direct Action movements that will help us reach collective liberation.

Standing up for Migrant Rights
Stop Hate! End 287g and SB1070! Ruckus has been supporting the fight against racist anti-immigration laws across the U.S. with community trainings, a national Action Camp, and hard-hitting actions like this banner-hang from a downtown Phoenix construction crane July 28th, 2010. Photo by Anita Sarkeesian.

Bring Ruckus to You!
Want to bring Ruckus trainings to your town, school, or group? Fill out a brief training request online, and we'll hook you up with some of our skilled action trainers across the country to craft a curriculum that fits your needs!

Hands-On Direct Action Tactics Trainings
Gain hands-on direct action tactical skills and strategy at our training camps, skillshares, or bring our trainers to your group! Shown here: participants at the May 2008 Tactics Summit camp practice setting up a tripod and blockade for the direct action role play. Photo credit: copyright 2008 Justin Warren /

Indigenous Peoples' Power Project (IP3)
Our IP3 project has been training indigenous activists in direct action skills since 2004, and supporting communities in their human rights struggles to protect sacred land from resource extraction and other self-determination issues. Shown here: Klamath River tribes members in their winning campaign against Warren Buffet's dams.

Action Toolbox: How-To Guides
Check out Ruckus's Action Toolbox for manuals and other resources on direct action planning and tactics. Our Balloon Banner Action Manual will guide you step-by-step through how to deploy a banner such as this one! Shown here: Ruckus's "Dam Home Depot" action for International Rivers at Home Depot's Shareholders meeting in Atlanta, May 2009.

Cutting Edge Actions
We know that the most effective actions are strategic and creative. We support communities in taking actions appropriate to their situations, at various levels - from high tech framing actions such as this iconic banner drop at the Seattle WTO shutdown in 1999, to street theatre, blockades, and visionary community takeovers. Photo credit: Dang Ngo
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Direct Action Community

Activists have been rising up all over the U.S. for a #FearlessSummer taking action against Tar Sands, fracking, and more!
"Moral Monday" actions have led to the arrests of over 700 individuals protesting the radical right-wing agenda of the GOP in North Carolina
Migrant rights activists erect blockades, balloon banners and more during Obama's fundraiser tour stops in Chicago and L.A.

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Ruckus Updates

We are looking for a Development Director who has a deep understanding of non-violent direct action and a history of designing and implementing comprehensive fundraising strategies as a part of ...
Check out our new video and all the ways you can get in on the Ruckus with us!
After 8 years, Co-Director Megan Swoboda is leaving the staff this March. But this isn't goodbye! Check out her letter and see how you can get involved this year.

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